Isabella #LoveYourself

ISABELLA – How did you transform guilt into acceptance?

Lucky #AskForHelp

LUCKY – What have you learned from your saddest times?

Eric #Forgiveness

ERIC – How did you forgive your father?

Sarah #SelfWorth

SARAH – What did you learn from your toughest times?

Ian #MaleEmotions

IAN – Have you ever had a friend with benefits?


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Tai #Family

TAI – What was the issue growing up in your family?

Dave #Relationships

DAVE – Is it harder to find love when you are older?

Sean #Confidence

SEAN – What would you like to improve about yourself?

Tamika #SelfRespect

TAMIKA – What challenges do you encounter as a woman?

Andrew #romantic

ANDREW – How’s dating in New York?

Timothy #success

TIMOTHY – What’s success for you?

Dolores #happiness

DOLORES – What’s happiness for you?

Maryam #Muslim

MARYAM – You are a Muslim. How do people see you?

Credits: Directed by Marcelo Bukin